For removal, application, or application tips, please see instructions at the bottom of this page!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you don't see the answer to your questions here, please feel free to email us as!

How do I remove the toppers from the backing?

We offer a service to remove the toppers for you and wrap them in wax paper or you can remove them on your own. Be very careful removing the toppers as they are very delicate. The way we remove is to, very carefully and very gently, lift the edge of the topper using the dull side of a butter knife and slide it under the topper to separate the topper from the backing.

How do I send my image(s) to be printed on the toppers?

You can attach the image in an email to us at and reference your order number.
We may also reach out to you separately if we receive your order prior to receiving your images.

How long will the toppers stay fresh?

As long as they are kept sealed in an airtight container or something similar like a ziplock bag at room temperature, they will be fresh for up to a year.


Can I send multiple images for the toppers?

Yes, we can print multiple images or text for the toppers.

Unfortunately the 8 inch round and 8x11 are limited to one image but we can add text.

How do I apply the toppers for cupcakes and cookies?

That depends on what you’re applying then to. If applying to sugar cookies with royal icing, as soon as the cookie is iced, place the topper on top while icing is still wet and ensure it adheres all around.

If adding toppers after royal icing has dried, you can dot around the topper to make it stick.

If using buttercream frosting, apply the toppers as soon as the buttercream is applied before it gets crusty otherwise it may poke a hole in the topper.

Apply very shortly before serving if placing onto cupcakes and do not refrigerate or freeze.

Toppers work well only on buttercream icing or royal icing. Do not use on cream cheese or whipped cream icing.

How long will it take for toppers to arrive?


We typically ship the same day or early next day.

There are 4 shipping options available but ONLY EXPRESS SHIPMENTS HAVE GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATES. All other shipping methods are subject to delays within USPS for which we have no control.
-free standard shipping (7-10 days or longer due to COVID delays)
-first class with tracking (5-7 days or longer due to COVID delays)
-priority with tracking (3-4 days or longer due to COVID delays)
-priority express (1-2 day guaranteed)

All delivery dates are estimates since it is in the hands of the US Postal Service for final delivery. Only express mail shipments are guaranteed.


How do I customize the toppers?

Once you purchase your items, please send us a message with the image(s) and/or text you would like.


Will I get a proof of the toppers before you print?

We will gladly send a proof if requested at checkout or when you send us the image(s).


Application for use in beverages

If using our 2.25” or 3.25”, we suggest adding beverage foam to your drink prior to placing the topper so it will last longer before dissolving. Otherwise it will last only a few minutes.

Our 2” or 3” can be used without beverage foam and last up to 30 minutes prior to beginning to dissolve, depending on the beverage.